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Areas of actuation

International cooperation

From ILÊWASI we support research projects, defense and promotion of Human Rights and especially, children’s rights in the international area mainly with educational extracurricular and sports activities.tin AMerica, Afirca and Asia.
We support projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Education and culture of peace

Our Education team conducts formal and non-formal education workshops whose themes are the rights of children and interculturality from a culture of peace in the various educational centers of C. Valenciana.
– We carry out the Ens Complementem program on the importance of interculturality and the “Somriure” program on Education for Development on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We are part of the World Education Campaign, together with other NGOs in a network We are part of the World Education Campaign, together with other NGOs in a network

Socio-educational area

At ILÊWASI we are focusing on the rights of children and adolescents in Castellón which can be real and effective, mainly the right to education, health and leisure and free time
Our project “Por ti” (better known as “Pececitos / Peixets”) accompanies children and adolescents from Castellón de la Plana providing extracurricular and sports activities.

Mediation and restorative justice

ILÊWASI supports mediation and Restorative Justice as adequate instruments for conflict resolution from a culture of peace which insert under the SDGs goal number 16. For this, it participates in the MARC Program that is carried out in various municipalities in the province of Castellón and in schools together with the ANEFAM entity.
We also have a team of intercultural mediators who collaborate in this program.


At ILÊWASI we do believe in the strength of volunteering, which is why we are committed to teamwork. Volunteering increases self-confidence, as a team of people who enjoy sharing, have a lot or little free time. We believe that we are all a great force to the best of our ability and that… all people are necessary!
– Throughout the year we carry out training for our volunteers and other people interested in children’s rights and education for peace. In addition, every year in summer we carry out a Summer Course on these topics that supposes a continuous contribution to our volunteering and to all the people who want to join it.

Erasmus +

We participate with projects in the European Erasmus + program.
In this program ILÊWASI participates in youth mobility programs, trainings for youth workers and in all those projects that work on the rights of children, adolescents and young people.